There’s Just Not Enough Hours

Hey guys, it’s Jess!

Welcome back!

Guys I really appreciate you being so good about me having a few weeks off. Being back at work has been better than I expected, and it’s taken me a little bit of time to work through all of the emotions and exhaustion that it has brought to me. Stay tuned on a more in depth post on the working-mom side of life!

The holidays though. Thomas first Christmas, our first Christmas together as a family, in our own place. New Years as a family in our own place (I didn’t even make it until 11…)

I’ve cried a lot in the last few weeks – I’ll admit it. Thomas is 11 months old, and I’ve cried a lot! I’m not ready for my baby to be a toddler yet and it’s really hitting me hard. Trying to keep a tiny human from eating wrapping paper at Christmas though, that’s a full struggle.

We did our best with a limited budget, and I feel like we had a really good time. We got Thomas one of those huge teddy bears, I think they’re like 50 inches? No, 39..50? It’s friggin huge ok? We named it Brian, because at first glance it looks like a bear, and when you really get a look at it, it’s actually a lion. Get it? Brian. Brian was by far Thomas favorite gift, even the little mini broom and dust pan I got him (hey, if it keeps him from trying to eat the actual broom, I don’t even care) the bear is his bestie. He snuggles with it, talks to it, crawls all over it..watching him with it every day is awesome. Best 30 bucks we will ever spend. I only have videos of him playing with it, because trying to take a picture they just all ended up blurry, but here’s a collection of the pictures we took at my moms house with his presents there!

Thomas First Christmas


And of course Thomas and Matt playing with some of the new toys that we got for him

Thomas and Matt – First Christmas

Once Matt’s family left on Boxing Day (his mother, father, and two brothers came for dinner. Since they live three hours away, and our house really is too small to have that many people for any extended period of time they just came for the afternoon) we took the tree down, and literally boxed all the decorations up, to free up the living room space.

On came New Years. I was given Christmas off, so I was opted to work New Years day. That doesn’t really bother me, it really doesn’t hold much for me other than I’ll still be writing “2017” on charts for a few weeks.

I tried to stay up, I really did. But the 7 am wake up time the next morning kept telling me to go to bed. As far a crazy nights go?

New Years Feast

Matt and I bought a bunch of gummy candy and had a feast of goodies! We each had a glass of wine, and I went to bed.

Following work the next day, we spent some family time together just hanging out, and watching Thomas play with his toys. Plus trying to clean up some over looked messes from the holidays that…really who wants to clean all day?! Not me. Not us. We spent some time getting some all-important dishes and generally cleaning done when Thomas had a nap.

Then of course we took a few minutes to take some cheesy family snaps!

Attack Of the Brian. Thomas isn’t fazed.

Momma and Thomas selfie!

It was a great Christmas, and even though it was low-key, an amazing New Years. We’re SO excited to see what this year brings.

Check back for next weeks post (I’ll be posting Tuesday nights from now on, because that’s my weekday off!) or just subscribe there to the right, so you’ll get an email when a new post is added! Or you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram! I’m planning a “New Years Resolution” blog, and a “I appreciate my family more now that I’m working” blog as well!

Stay warm. and possible guys!

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