Stop Eating Grass!

Hey guys, Jess here!

Matt was off today so we decided to take advantage of the little bit of Summer we have left by exploring a trail near our area.

This was the first time we had been “hiking” with Thomas, and he really seemed to enjoy himself! He chatted the whole way, and went to bed easy peasy. It was really good to get out as a family for a few minutes, and pretend that we were social out-doorsy people.

Aren’t we adorable? I was sweating the whole time, I swear Thomas is like a little furnace but it’s a lot of work to get his stroller in the car. I’m really not that motivated, so I just put him in his ring sling, and away we went!

Before I started school, then had Thomas I was really into nature photography. Landscapes and such things! I’m alright at it, it really is just a hobby of mine, I really like being outdoors, despite how much time I actually spend avoiding the outdoors.

These are some of the pictures I snapped while we were out! I’m really into collages lately I think, judging by this update, and the last one as well. Gets all the pictures I want to show you out, and doesn’t really clog up the post. Right? You guys still with me? Good, good.

We also set up our tent in the back yard to air it out, and make sure it wasn’t damaged from the years it’s been sitting unused. We were invited for a weekend out camping with some of Matt’s work friends, and it’s a bring-your-own-tent obviously – so I wanted to make sure ours was in decent order before we trudge out with the intentions on freezing ourselves. It’s been getting really cold at night, I’m planning on bringing all the blankets plus a beanie for each of us. Thomas will be staying with his Nanny for the night we’re away, because I’m really not confident about camping with a baby. I know a lot of people do it, and love it, it’s such a great time…yea. Ok. My kid LIVES for his routine. You can set a clock by him, regardless of if he thinks he should actually go to bed (where he sleeps. He won’t even sleep in his play yard anymore), regardless of the fact that he’s falling asleep with cheese in his hand. That happened today too.

He loved being in the tent though!

He’s always scratching his butt, the weirdo. Thomas also learned today, that if there’s grass on your hand you’re totally able to eat it! Bad idea. I managed to get the bulk of it away from him, every time I saw him munching a handful, but he did end up swallowing some. And gagging. And throwing it back up. Rinse and repeat twice. He gagged more than he actually threw up, and again, I got the bulk of it from him! I feel a little crappy about it, but it’s not unusual, and I kept a close eye on him post vomit to ensure he was 100%. Ate his supper no issues, went to be no issues. Plus! My floors got swept and mopped a day early. Love that.

If you have any stories of your littles eating things they really shouldn’t have, let me know in the comments! This is a judgement free zone!

Stay possible guys!

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2 thoughts on “Stop Eating Grass!

  1. My now 19 year old ate handfuls of sand at the beach at 11 months and is alive today to tell the tale… but wow was i ever frustrated…. like WHY WHY WHY sand???????

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