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Hey guys, Jess here!

I’m going to be super upfront and tell you, if you aren’t totally down with talking about periods and things related to, turn back now because there is nothing here for you today! But check back, who knows what could happen!

I have been waiting to write this blog post for a few weeks because it’s something new for me! A review! What?! That’s right, I tried out a thing so you know what you’re dealing with.

Ladies. I’m going to tell you about the menstrual cup. You’ve heard about them right? Little silicone cup you place gently into your bits to collect all the mess that is your period. SO many brands, options, price points and what’s worse, you’ve been using traditional methods for so long it doesn’t even occur to you anymore. I’m going to share my experience, give you a fun little quiz that will suggest different brands based on your needs, and give you the link to where I bought mine!

Like I said, a menstrual cup is pretty much what it sounds like, a silicone cup designed to collect your period without the use of chemically treated cotton tampons, and plastic pads. Reusable, sustainable, and easy to use. You fold it, place it in your vagina in a similar fashion to a tampon, leave it in for about 12 hours, (or less if you’re unsure!) remove, rinse, reinsert. At the end of your cycle, you rinse and boil in a pot of water for about five minutes to sanitize! Bag it up in a cloth, or other breathable bag (they typically include one with the cup) until the next round!

Here is the link to the quiz I took to suggest different brands of cups! It’s nine questions and they’ll give I think three or four options to choose from.

I went ahead and ordered the Blossom brand cup which you can find here (not an affiliate)

I chose the Blossom for two reasons – I liked the price, and I liked that I got to choose my color (I got a blue one!)

With most cups, you have two sizes to choose from, making it much easier than pads and tampons right from the get-go. They have small, typically for a woman who has not had any children, and they have large for woman who have had children. Obviously I got the large.

So there it is! Now I know it looks big, and to be honest I was shocked at the size. You really can’t have sex with this in, it really just takes over your vagina. So if you wanna do the vertical dance with no pants, you’re going to have to take that sucker out first.

There are a few different folds that you can use to make inserting this bad boy easier! This video that my buddy Courtney found, has nine! Check that out here!

I prefer the “c-fold” right now, but this is my first period with the cup, so I’ll try out a new fold each time until I find what works, but for this cycle I’m loving the “c-fold” What you do is you pick your fold, insert the cup gently until it feels secure, let the cup unfold (it makes a really weird suction sound and feels really strange when it opens!) Give it a little wiggle, tug, make sure your seal is good, and you’re on your way!

It really is a little tricky to put in at first, it took me three tries before I felt comfortable with it. At first, I did notice it in there, but after a few squats and some minor adjustments I forgot I was even wearing it! Matt lovingly asked me how my first day without “vampire tea bags” was going. Thanks babe, appreciate the concern!

Guys I’m super excited about my Blossom Cup and I really hope these links and my prattling on about it gets you excited and wanting to try it! I’m so happy that I never have to spend money on tampons to just flush away. Better for your body because you’re not soaking in chemicals, less cramps, less hassle, cheaper, and better for the environment.

Plus! Your partner won’t refer to your tampons as “vampire tea bags”.

So gross.

Let me know if you guys are going to check them out, and what brand you went with!

(no affiliation to any links, brands, or videos mentioned above)

Stay possible!

  • Jess

One thought on “Revolutionize Nature

  1. wow… well… i hope it works for you…
    I had tried the Diva Cup four years ago… and i just couldnt get it to do its job… i had various accidents… and fought with it and then gave up.

    But last year i gave it another go…

    I had been forcing the Diva Cup into my vagina for over a year when i finally threw it away.

    I wanted to love it. I tried running with it in… but the truth is.. if it is too high up in your vagina, it can tilt and allow leaking… if it is too far down, it will catch everything… but if you go for a run the end of it can agitate the outside of your vagina and hurt..

    there may have only been 4 times in hundreds where i had it installed properly.

    yeah… so i am going to be sewing my own washable pads again soon.

    I hope your cup works for you… and please blog about it… if you end up loving yours then i will buy it as well… but UGHHH i hated the Diva Cup… 🙁

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