Quality Time

Hey guys, Jess here!

Can we just jump right in and discuss where the hell February went?! I blinked, and BOOM March. How? When? I wasn’t ready!

Between working full time, being a wife, and a mother – time just sort of took a jump into hyper drive. I feel like I haven’t slowed down, stopped moving, or even taken a breath in weeks. After realizing just how fast the days were getting away from me, I took this weekend off and really tried to slow down. As much as a mother can slow down while chasing after a very busy, teething, toddler.

Today Matt had to work 12-7, so I took the chance to spend some really good quality Momma-Thomas time! Working from 8-5, meaning I leave the house anytime between 7 and 7:30, and am usually home between 5 and 5:30, I don’t get to see Thomas a whole lot. I see him! And we spend quality bath times and story time together, but not a lot of just hang out and have fun time. After I took Matt to work I decided Thomas and I were going to have a date night.

We watched his favorite Disney songs on YouTube, went for a little drive, and finally after nap time, had a candle lite supper for two. It was great, and he went to bed easy peasy, and I feel like we really got to spend some quality time together.





He had a bath after all that, I promise.

So the floors didn’t get mopped, the dishes are still in the sink, and don’t get me started on the pile of toys that aren’t getting put away. Who cares? We had fun just the two of us, and although we missed Daddy, it was nice for it to just be the two of us.

It was hard to go from being together every single day, to only seeing each other in the evenings and days off. Some days (more often than not) it’s still hard. I miss his sweet little face everyday. I’m glad I took the opportunity when it presented itself.

Now my floors are sticky, and I’m covered in pasta sauce.

Spend quality individual time with your kids! They may just surprise you!

Stay possible guys,

  • Jess



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  1. You will not regret sharing these posts … keep doing it!!! I wish i had kept a journal for all my kids to read when they got older…


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