New Year, New Adventures

Hey guys, Jess here!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the last post “And The Winner Is…” we landed well over 60 views the day it was published, giving us a new record! Shout out again to Katie for the win, you really deserved it.

With the new year creeping up on us, as well as Thomas 10 month birthday I have some pretty crazy news! No, I’m not pregnant.

I got a job!

I have worked with the same grocery store since 2009, and when we had Thomas I swore I wasn’t going back. I have my education, and I want to use it. But who wants to hire someone who’s been out of school almost two years, with no experience? This place apparently because I am now employed with an in-home care company! This means I’ll be seeing clients in their homes to help them with every day tasks that they struggle with on their own. I love this kind of work, especially when the people I care for get to stay in their own homes as long as possible. I want to stay home as much as possible, so why wouldn’t any one else? No bed is as comfortable as your own.

I start the second week of December! This means I have roughly three weeks to snuggle Thomas as much as possible, as well as find a day care that is willing to take a strong-willed ten month old baby. I have a few places to call tomorrow, and hopefully one will pan out. As a first time mom, I’ll be honest and tell you I am terrified of taking him to a day care, babysitter, really anyone who isn’t a direct relative. I’ve read horror stories – which is a bad idea for me in any case – and I’m not looking forward to the first drop off.

I’ve had to suggested to me that the easiest way to transition kids into day care is to just kiss them good-bye, and leave. Just like that. I see a big neon sign flashing “ABANDONMENT ISSUES” in my head. I know that’s not the case at all, and I’m sure after a few – maybe fifteen – minutes of a melt down he’ll realize that the other kids are way more fun than the cat. I know it’s going to be good for him, to socialize with other kids, and learn new things! That does not make it any easier to know that I’m going to drop him off in the morning, and not see his precious little face until the late afternoon.

I know Matt will get to take Dad Duty on his off days, and I’ll have every other weekend off! I still think I’m going to have nightmares until the first day is done and over with.

I’m really excited to start this new adventure, and a little sad, scared, and worried all at the same time. It’ll be great though! The entire process took about a week from start to finish, and I’ve got to tell you, everyone that knew I was looking is a little surprised how fast it went! I feel like I made the impossible, possible this week.

If you guys have any stories from day care drop off, or just funny stories in general to cheer up my addled brain, leave me a comment!

Stay possible!

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