Long Weeks and Graduations

Hey guys, Jess here!

Whew! Glad that week is finally over! We had a busy one here at our house, with Matt working pretty well all week, with three night shifts thrown in, and my aunt Bethaney graduating from college, it’s been hectic.

This week started off with a pretty big shebang. As in, I crashed boys night and ended up being “Designated Dave” and Thomas had his first over night trip away from home. Bitter sweet. I didn’t sleep at all. According to my mom, who was watching him all night, neither did they. Thomas decided since he wasn’t home in his bed, he needed to pull an all nighter with his Nanny. Mom had to work the next morning, so she was absolutely wrecked, and I was up at 6:30 to go get Thomas. I think collectively we slept eight solid hours, on our own we each slept about three. We all had fun though – and that’s what matters. Mom enjoyed having Thomas all to her self for the night, and Matt and I got a chance to go out and be “Matt and Jess” instead of “Mom and Dad” for a whole night. We thew darts, and pretended to know how to play pool. Matt kept up pretty well with the guys having quit drinking when we found out I was pregnant. Going toe-to-toe with two guys that are both built like line backers when your 140 lbs all wet? It was pretty entertaining to watch really! They were all feeling it when they woke up I’m sure.

Flash forward through a few restless nights because Thomas has decided that bed time is no longer bed time (thanks in part to getting him a new bed!) we land on Friday when Bethaney graduated!

Bethaney going to school was actually the reason Matt and I had the opportunity to move into the city. We all moved here together, and only went separate ways in April when the lease on our apartment was up. The day she’s been working for since we got here has finally come. She did it. She walked across the stage, got her diploma. So proud of her, and everything she’s accomplished.

Thomas and his Great Aunt Bethaney

Thomas handled the hour long ceremony very well! He only started to get fussy toward the end, when he really needed a diaper change and was beyond ready for a nap. I mean beyond ready for a nap. We all were really, because no one got up later than 6 a.m and no one besides Thomas had eaten anything before noon. For the all the drama, the need for naps, and the horrible parking available aside, she did it. She graduated, and that’s really what mattered in the end!

Now we just need to get Thomas through this anti-bed time phase, and those teeth to get here and we’ll be all set!

Hope you guys had a great week!

Stay possible,

  • Jess

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