Head First Into Motion

Hey guys, Jess here!

Cold nights have come, and I’m excited but scared all at the same time. Makes me feel a little gassy if I’m totally honest. I love, love Fall, and I am a Christmas fanatic – I got a little emotional talking to Matt about my Christmas village a few days ago. On the other hand, I’m closer to having to go back to work, and honestly I’m scared. Trying to find someone to watch Thomas that we can trust, trying to pay them, getting myself and Matt to and from work? Who’s going to clean the house, wash laundry and dishes? Feed the cat?! Diaper laundry is an art form, I can’t just let anyone do it!

My background is in customer service. I’ve worked for the same grocery chain for going on seven years. Seven. I went back to school in 2015 and found out I was pregnant the day I graduated. Now, a few people were a little upset that I had turned down the part-time position I was offered in my field when we moved into the city. I turned the job down out of professional courtesy because I knew I was pregnant, and I knew I was going to be there less than six months – I worked a grand total of five months from the time my transfer went through to the time I was on maternity leave. I just felt it was the right thing to do, all things considered. I don’t regret my choice at all, and I don’t feel I’ve lost any skills either. I’m still changing a “brief”, just on a smaller body. I’m still dressing and undressing, bathing, feeding, caring for a human. Just a small one that thinks I should share anything I’m eating.

Speaking of feeding my small human.

Avocado. He loves it, and really enjoyed squishing it into his shirt, seat, hair, I think he got a little bit into his mouth but I’m not really sure. He had fun, and that was the main objective. He also got an extra bath which he really, really enjoyed. This kid loves his baths.

He also has realized that the living room is not in fact, the only room in the house he can get to. He has also learned that the drop from the bed to the floor is not an enjoyable one. When at my moms, Thomas usually just gets snuggled into the middle of her bed, and we put big pillows all around him forming a kind of baby jail. He realized he could get around the pillows, and head first he went off the bed. He’s ok! A little egg on his head – I think it scared him more than it actually hurt him. He was fine as soon as mom rescued him and got him settled. He has also learned that he can pull himself up, and bump his head at the same time when he’s playing around the T.V cabinet. Great. Two bumps on the head in one week. But wait! There’s more. We didn’t realized that there was a sharp edge on the floor molding going from the living room to the kitchen. Thomas didn’t have any pants on and he ended up with a scratch up his leg. The molding was pulled up immediately and Thomas really didn’t care about his leg, he was more upset that I made him have pants on all day following the accident.

That corner there is where it happened, but this was before he did it. Obviously this was before he had the avocado and a bath. Please excuse my weirdly long toes.

More or less, this has been a hard week for Thomas, turning a whole seven months has been hard on his little body. We’ve learned a lot, and have been much more proactive when it comes to “baby proofing” his usual hang out spots. Life is seeming less and less possible lately, being so worried about going back to work, and keeping Thomas safe. I know things will all work out the way they are meant to, and in the end it will all be possible.

Happy days around just around the corner guys – and hopefully a decent nights sleep.

Stay possible!

  • Jess

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