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Happy Holidays!

Hey guys, Jess here!

The count down is on, we are officially 24 days until Christmas!

There are a lot of changes happening this month in our little family, including me going back to work, Matt got a new job much closer to home, Thomas needing a babysitter, Christmas…You see where I’m at here? There’s a lot going on! With all the adjustments happening, this will be the last post you see until the new year. I’m hoping to get the channel set up with a few videos on and ready to go for a good size launch, as well as come back with some good stories and lots of fun recipes and mic drops when it comes to honest parenting!

With Christmas coming up, and money being tight because of the career changes we’re going through, I’ve decided to go a little more home made with extended family gifts. I love a good home made dish cloth, honestly they’re the best I’ve ever found! Made even easier to find them, because I can make them myself! That’s right ladies and gentle men, I am not just a pretty face and the worlds okay-est mom. I can crochet too!

My favorite thing to make would be big blankets with lots of fun colors, or hats and scarves. I haven’t bought a hat or a scarf in years, I’ve always made them. Thomas, Matt, my mother all have home made hats and scarves! Why buy what you can make yourself (within reason! I’m not about to make my own laundry soap)?

For the dish cloths I used 100% cotton yarn, in the little skeins. I bought two smaller ones just to test out and make sure that I still had the knack for crochet, seeing as it’s been awhile since I’ve whipped up anything other than infant hats. The bigger skeins run between eight and ten dollars, and depending on complexity you could probably get six or seven dish clothes out of it!

This is the small stack that I got out of the two skeins! I made three, very basic dishcloths!

I really loved the colors in the yarn! Purple and navy are two of my favorite colors, so these were an automatic win for me. My plan is to head back and find a large skein of the yarn in these colors to make a few more for myself, since these are going out as a quick “you’re great and I’m thinking about you” gift.

Just to show you the scale here, and the edging. I didn’t do any fancy edges, but that would have 100% finished them a little more professional. I ran out of yarn though, so cut me a little slack!

To make these dish clothes I used a size 5.0 crochet hook!

Chain 30

Starting in second loop from the hook, half double crochet for 29, chain one, turn.

Repeat pattern for 30 rows, tie off, and weave in ends.

And you’re done!

Super simple piece, and really quick to work up. I made all three in about an hour over the span of three days. I made one a day, because there’s only so much I can do when I’m sleep deprived.

If you wanted to add a nice edge, you could just do a single crochet around the edges. When you finish your last row, instead of tying off just chain one, turn, and then single crochet around the entire perimeter of the square, making sure to do two single crochets in the corners so it will still lay flat! For a more fancy look, you could double crochet in every other stitch to create a nice loopy edge.

I hope you guys enjoy your holidays, please, please don’t stress too much! It’s going to be perfect! If you decide to make these dish clothes for yourself, or for someone else, please send me a picture! I would love to see you’re creations!

If you have any funny holiday stories, let me know in the comments!

Stay possible guys,

  • Jess

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  1. You have been offline!!! What is happening? Why arent you blogging?


    What about running? What about recipes?

    (Deb throws herself on the ground and thrashes about, having an adult sized tantrum.)

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