Coyote Burritos

Hey guys, Jess here!


I just want to start this post by offering you a big thank you! This last week you’ve all been around and checked back a lot and I’m really excited about that! I love logging on to check everything out and seeing that you guys are here and checking me out, checking you out. So big, big thank you for coming and coming back!

This week, Matt and I decided to take a break from being “Mom and Dad” and take off for a night. Thomas went to my moms house and got into a bunch of mischief, while Matt and I went for an over night camping trip!

Compared to the first time we left Thomas over night, it was a lot easier. Harder because we were two hours away instead of twenty minutes, but easier because we knew he wasn’t going to be miserable and upset the whole time we were gone. Plus, it was a weekend so my mom didn’t have to work the next morning; which is good seeing as Thomas didn’t go to bed until after one a.m. Sorry Nanny.

This small trip was Matt’s first time actually camping! Robbie, who Matt met through work turned 30 this past weekend, and invited us out to his cabin for his birthday. Other than a brief wave and a smile in traffic once in a while when they both left work together, I didn’t really know Robbie. I knew the basics, and that was pretty well it. We got to meet his father Bill, his wife Megan, and a few of their close friends. Being a relatively shy person in unfamiliar places I was really nervous about going, but we had a great time and I would certainly do it again!

This is the view from the back deck of Robbie’s cabin. Gorgeous right? No running water, no fixed plumbing, generator for electricity. We still had cell service!

I must admit though, shortly after everyone called it a night I started hearing the coyotes. I am an absolute cry-baby when it comes to the idea of being eaten. Bears, mountain lions, rabid squirrel…stuff of nightmares. I was ready to sleep in the car when I woke Matt up and told him I was scared. He talked me down, and I came to the conclusion that if it was any kind of dangerous, Robbie wouldn’t have left us outside to be coyote burritos. He and Megan have a young son, so he understands the desire to be around to see them grow up, y’know?

While Matt and I were off playing hooky from the parental role, Thomas made a big stride in his development!

The little booger stood up all by himself! WHAT!? He waited until I wasn’t around to do something new! I was pretty upset that I missed it, and sulked for a few hours. Today I got to see him stand a few times and it caused me to check my feelings and realize that I still get to see him learn, and this is no exception on the awesome scale.

Once we got back Sunday afternoon, he was very happy to see myself, and Matt. One of the best parts of leaving Thomas, is seeing how excited he gets when we come back. It really drives home how much he loves us, and really solidifies the bond we have as a family.

These two just get me every time. Ugh so much love in this one picture.

Although we probably won’t be going camping again until after the snow flies, I’m glad we went and look forward to the next time we can go again.

If you guys have any funny stories about camping, or just funny stories in general let me know in the comments!

Stay possible guys,

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