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Hey guys, Jess here!

Sorry for the huge delay in posting, we’ve had a nasty run-in with the common cold! Matt brought it home from work, and it quickly hit Thomas who I believe is getting two more teeth, then last to me – like a freight train.

While Matt is fine now, Thomas is officially done with the runny nose, and I still remain a walking snot factory I completely forgot about a post!

This week Matt and I have decided that we’re ready to pull out our barely functioning closet and start the process of turning it into half office, half closet space. We live in a house under 1,000 square feet, so space saving is a huge deal for us. We started with the down sizing of our clothes.

It started with me, and my insane need to hang on to all my pre-mom clothes, like there was a reason to keep them. I know that I’ll eventually lose the weight, but I honestly didn’t like most of what was in there. I’ll miss the dresses, because those were my absolute favorite, and the six pairs of jeans kind of stung – but it felt good to get rid of it. Matt also tossed a lot of stuff that he had, now that he is officially into a men’s medium.

I swiftly began to rebuild my wardrobe after a quick trip home, for some family time with Matt’s parents and brothers. We really needed the break, and it did us both good to get out for a day. Thomas really enjoyed him self too.

Donation Pile!

We obviously didn’t throw an absurd amount of gently used clothing away, we donated it to the local second hand store in town. But this was from two of us. Three bags. Two people. One large and empty closet.

The mess you see on the left there has also been sorted and cleaned up. That’s all either out in the shed for storage, or has been stuffed into two vacuum bags now located under Thomas’ crib.

Our plans for the closet, are to install shelving and a built in desk into the left portion, freeing up the second small bedroom for guest, or you know, whatever it happens to be needed for (baby number two? Guests? It’s anyone’s game!) Again, living in what is essentially a “tiny house”, space is valuable as well as creative ways to make more of it. We’d like to eventually upgrade the right side of the closet to be more functional as far as a closet goes. I’d like to have a full closet insert with two bars – top and bottom – for Matt and I to hang clothes, as well as shelves for shoes, sheets, towels, and jeans. The ultimate goal is to find a new home for my 15 year old solid wood, six drawer dresser, that is literally eating space in our bedroom. It’s a work in progress.

Cleaning out our clothes, and really seeing just how much we were both hanging on to felt really good. When I got dressed today, I wasn’t gazing sadly at the clothes that I will never wear again. I tossed on a new-to-me shirt, my faded mom jeans, and felt more confident and myself than I have in a long time.

Bring on the rest of the week, I’m ready. We’re ready.

Make this week possible guys, get rid of something that doesn’t make you happy! Don’t hold onto things for the “what-if” factor. If you see it, and it doesn’t make you smile even a little? Donate it. Sell it. Repose it! Just don’t let it eat up space in your life!

Stay possible,

  • Jess

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