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Hey guys, Jess here!

Lately I have been doing a lot of social media searching! With Christmas coming I am combing Facebook (no affiliate but I use it too much) for small business options for presents. We’re really not planning on going big for Christmas, this is Thomas first year, but he’s still a baby and really! He doesn’t need  anything, and he really doesn’t grasp the concept yet. I’m hoping to stick to the five gift rule for him – Something he needs, something to read, something to wear, something he wants, something we want him to have.

I’m hoping we can push this rule to the grandparents, so we can avoid a ton of stuff that we’ll have no where to put and Thomas won’t realize he has because he’s too interested in the package and trying to eat the paper. He’s really into trying to eat paper right now.

On my surf across the Facebook business groups, I came across one that really got my attention. Blessed Grove Keepsakes.

Blessed Grove Keepsakes is a mom-run company that specializes in exactly what the title says, keepsakes! What kind of keepsakes? Glad you asked. Monique makes jewelry such as beads and charms, as well as figurines. She does each item by hand, and they are custom. You work with her to create what you’re looking for. The most interesting thing about what Monique does, is she uses what she calls “inclusions”. To make these items keepsakes, she offers the ability to have your breast milk, babies hair, fingernails, ashes from both people and pets, umbilical cords, dried flowers, AND sand made into them! That’s just a small list, we did laugh at her saying “bm” and me thinking she meant a bowel movement (breast milk…she meant breast milk) commented that it could probably could be done…but she wouldn’t want to do it. Who could blame ya? Not me. I won’t blame you.

She wouldn’t tell me how it was done, can’t blame her for that either. All I got was that it’s preserved using a personal method, and then sealed with a jeweler quality resin.

This piece was done for a woman to represent her daughter, the daughter she lost, and the baby on the way. The small red heart that you see, was cast separate using the cremated remains of the daughter that was lost. This mom also had breast milk, umbilical cord, and ash beads made, as well as two anatomically correct hearts.

These roses were created for two parents who knew they would lose their daughter, but chose to follow through with the pregnancy, and meet their daughter. These were made from the only breast milk the mother pumped.

I’m really excited that I found this page, and cried a lot while talking to Monique. The stories behind the pieces she creates, and the heart she has and puts into her pieces is absolutely amazing. I know my mom had kept some of my hair, from my first hair cut and I’m really thinking about sending it in, and having it preserved for her for Christmas. Then when Thomas gets his first hair cut, I may save a piece of his hair and do it again! If I had of been able to breast feed, I totally would have got a bead of some kind made, but alas, fed is best and the boob was not for him.

Maybe to some this seems a little strange, and maybe it’s not for you! We all have different ways of keeping memories and those we love close to us. If you’re interested in Blessed Grove Keepsakes, you can find the website here ! You can also find Monique on Facebook under the same title!

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Huge shout out to everyone that was here for the menstrual cup review, guys we pulled over 50 views on Friday alone on that post! That’s our new high!

Let me know in the comments if you guys check out Blessed Grove, and let me know if you hit her up for a keepsake, I would love to hear about it!

Stay possible!

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  1. How interesting! I was actually looking for a person in Canada who does breastmilk keepsakes!❤ liked her page and following your blog!

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